[Fic] Jack/Carly Drabbles

Hello! I'm not entirely sure if anyone is still watching the community, which is sad, since this pairing needs more love, but I bring you a fic. I just very recently saw the episodes of Dark Signer Carly battling Jack on TV, and I just about went fan-girl. So, I asked a friend of mine to give me fifty word prompts and I decided to give drabbles a try. I really hope you all enjoy if you decide to check them out. :)

Title: Incomplete
Rating: K-M(may change from drabble to drabble)
Summary: She was everything that he had ever wanted or needed, but without her, he was incomplete.
Warnings: None for now, though I will post individual warnings if there's a need.
A/N: You can find the first drabble here, since I haven't posted it to my LJ yet. The next one should be up later today!
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i typed another JackxCarly (Scoopshipping) fanfic~~
Title: papermoon
Rating: T
Pairings: JackxCarly (Scoopshipping), one-sided JackxMikage (Careshipping)
Warnings: even though its AU, there might be some spoilers if you're not to the Dark Signers Arc yet.
Summary: They weren't supposed to meet. She wasn't supposed to know. They weren't supposed to feel this way for each other.

"Carly placed her hand over her heart, appalled at what just happened."

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i typed up a JackxCarly (Scoopshipping) fanfic, please check it out~~ :DD

Title: She's A Lady
Rating: K+
Warnings: there's not really any
Summary: A collection of one-shots revolving around Jack and Carly. Chapter one: Jack accidentally asks Carly out to a movie date, only to have her asleep besides him while the movie is playing.



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Just posting a reminder about the Fanfic and Fanart Challenge. There are currently no entries, so please, if you can, please enter in your creation(s), ♥

On another note, some of you may be aware that I am currently writing a Jack / Carly manifesto for ship_manifesto, which, at the moment, is due on June 24. This is going along fine, but I need some help. Basically, what I need is fanfic recs, and links to fanart sites.

I would also really like some 'testimonials' of sorts; basically, I'd like to include reasons from fans other than myself for why they like Scoopshipping. You don't need to be tl;dr about it, just as long as you feel you've gotten your point across.

Thank you, ♥

summer challenge

Okay, so there's been an awesome postive response to the question about having a challenge here, so it's a go! ♥.

There will actually be two challenges running at the same time - a fanfic challenge, and a fanart challenge. You are welcome to enter both, if you wish.

The theme for this challenge is Summer, mainly because everyone here seems to live on the other side of the world, where it's approaching summer. All entries must follow this theme.

This challenge will run from today (May 21) to July 21 - so that's a whole two months to get your entries in. Voting will start on July 21, and will run for a week until July 27.

All entries must be posted to this community - a link back to your journal / / deviantart / whatever is perfectly fine, but there at least needs to be a link here so that I know that you intend to enter the fic/art in the challenge, XD;. Your posts must also start with [Summer Challenge] and be tagged with 'challenge' (and, of course, a fanart or fanfic tag).

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1st, 2nd and 3rd places in both competitions will get a banner each and bragging rights. 1st places get that and... a bag of e-cookies? askdfkdfj.

If you have any other questions, don't hestitate to ask! Also: have fun!