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[Fic] Jack/Carly Drabbles

Hello! I'm not entirely sure if anyone is still watching the community, which is sad, since this pairing needs more love, but I bring you a fic. I just very recently saw the episodes of Dark Signer Carly battling Jack on TV, and I just about went fan-girl. So, I asked a friend of mine to give me fifty word prompts and I decided to give drabbles a try. I really hope you all enjoy if you decide to check them out. :)

Title: Incomplete
Rating: K-M(may change from drabble to drabble)
Summary: She was everything that he had ever wanted or needed, but without her, he was incomplete.
Warnings: None for now, though I will post individual warnings if there's a need.
A/N: You can find the first drabble here, since I haven't posted it to my LJ yet. The next one should be up later today!
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