Scoopshipping: Jack Atlas and Carly Nagisa

Scoopshipping: Jack Atlas & Carly Nagisa
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Welcome to scoopshipping! This community is all about the relationship between Jack Atlus and Carly Nagisa from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Here you can share all your Jack / Carly fanfics, fanart, videos, cosplays and so on - everything to do with Scoopshipping, ♥ Just be nice, and be sure to spread the love, ♥
1. All posts should be related to Jack, Carly or both. Scoopshipping = Jack Atlas and Carly Nagisa. I'm sure we all flike DM MADs, but posts about those should be posted in the appropriate comm (i.e. playthedamncard).
2. Stuff such large images, multiple videos and fanfiction? Under an lj-cut, please. ♥
3. Posts with download links and adult content must be locked to the community.
4. Be cool guys! Bashing and flames will not be accepted - so don't be flaming other ships / characters here (and don't come here flaming Scoopshipping).

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